Through an active pursuit of travel & adventure, SINGLE is about discovering beauty, culture, fashion, art and music from all corners of the globe.  SINGLE represents a brand, a lifestyle, an experience, a journey.  SINGLE is a platform for a life of endless adventure. The clothes and products we make are merely there to capture and record what we discover, just like people use pages in a scrapbook, SINGLE uses clothing and collabs to share this experience.   With the continual growth and increase of online content, we are beginning to see a generational gap and infuential change within fashion far bigger than previously possible. Once there were clear lines and boundaries between luxury fashion, streetwear & sportswear, now the lines are blurred in the minds of today’s fashion forward and young at heart consumers.  We have also seen a shift in peoples attitude to work and where they work from, the which in turn has changed the way people dress.  Few brands within this market have adapted to this new mindset. As such, there are limited products being developed to to the unique lifestyles that these people live.  SINGLE is for the individual who has embraced these changes and their attitudes to how they dress for work and for play.  Supporting this new lifestyle behaviour, there is a growing network of new and revamped retail destinations around the world. These cleverly curated stores are housing a mix of brands and products catering for the open minded adventurist that enjoys creativity and individuality. Taking the word SINGLE literally, the idea of developing that ONE great item is at the top of our design ideal.  One great jean fit, one T, one knit, one shirt …  Designed in the city for life on an island, the plane and everywhere in between.  SINGLE has both man and woman specific products and a lot of unisex in-between.  The denim particularly will see individual fits and washes while the fashion and the tops will be more of a unisex twist.  Not sticking to the traditional fashion calendar SINGLE will produce many small transeasonal capsule collection throughout the year.  The SINGLE customer is an explorer, and adventurer and living a life on the road, the products sed to be constantly updating and keeping up with the ever expanding mind.  Concentrating on perfecting the one vibe SINGLE will carrying over its shapes season upon season updating fabrics, colorway’s and styling along the way.  SINGLE is trying to eliminate the need for wasting space and fast fashion and provide the necessities.  Fabrics range from premium denim thru recycled nylons, linens, silks and other eco fabrics.