It all started on the honeymoon of Dan and Bambi.  The loved up couple were sailing a boat through the islands of Halong Bay in Vietnam. Every day they would be drinking the boat dry of the one rosé on board. It was a rosé from Provence in France, light in colour, dry in taste, all packaged in a beautiful curvy bottle.  One day Bambi turned to Dan and asked “Why don’t we have rosé like this at home in Oz” ? Dan replied “I’m not sure sexy” … “Well we should make one” said Bambi with a wink and a sip… “We drink enough of it!”  On they sailed, honeymoonin’, drinking the pink and in their spare time had a bit of a Google and researched into how they could make a wine. It was a pretty complex process, one that would not be possible from their Bondi Beach pad – they needed some help. No matter what, they were determined. They were coming home to begin on love project number one, a wine for their friend’s, family, homie’s and lover’s.  Fast forward a few months, back on land, they looked into who could help them with making their rosé dream become reality. Through a mutual friend they were introduced to Andrew Nugent of the Bird In Hand Winery. A family owned winery based in the Adelaide Hill’s of South Australia. They instantly clicked, sharing the same passion for family, friends, food, wine and beautiful things.  The question was asked… Is it possible to make the rosé they dreamed of out of Australia? Anything is possible was the reply.  D&B made the journey to the winery and spent days and nights with Kim Milne MW (Master Of Wine) to try and come up with the wine of their dreams. A French inspired rosé, dry, light in colour, low on the sugar. After many taste tests, sits and spits and trials and errors…  VOILA! “Pour Les Amour” was born. Their dream drop, a beautiful pale pink, young, fresh and vibrant, made in Australia. It was better than what they had dreamt of, it was perfect.  They found a beautiful bottle and imported it from France. It was tall, sexy and elegant… Just like the wine. The bottle, one of the only of its kind in the world features a glass re-usable stopper, leaving the bottle to be re-sealed (if you can help yourself).  It also makes for an amazing recycled water bottle. The art was mastered by a close friend of theirs, Andre Saraiva, who had designed a similar looking crest for there wedding.  The D&B “Pour Les Amour” was launched in NYC on 23 Aug 2014 in partnership with Vogue magazine. On return home it was available through a handful of selected restaurants, mostly by the sea, to take the drinkers to that Rosé dream. It had sold out well before the 2014 summer sun had set.  Then came 2015, second vintage is bottled and believe it or not, it was better than the last.  To add to that, more exciting news! A new addition to the Pour Les Amour family has been added …. A sparkling. A sparkling rosé that is Estate Grown (at BnH), Pinot Noir from the Adelaide Hills. Hand picked. Whole Bunch Pressed using the Charmat method. Cool secondary fermentation in stainless steel for a pristine, superbly balanced and voluptuous Sparkling Wine.  That is the story of the D&B wine journey so far.  For now the wine is available through selected restaurants (check stockist list on this site), the B.I.H winery and through our site.  Take advantage, get onboard, summer is just around the corner.  The D&B rosé will be gone before you know it…  Either way get with it !  Drink pink.  Pour Les Amour !  Love.  D&B.